ZigBee In-Home Display

The ZigBee In-Home Display (IHD) from Jetlun gives consumers unprecedented insights into their energy usage and costs. Empowered with information, consumers can now make real and consequential decisions on when and how they can be more energy efficient, and can lower their monthly energy bills significantly. 

Studies have shown that instantaneous feedback can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. When connected to a electric utility Smart Meter or the JIM System, the ZigBee In-Home Display provides a simple interface for the consumer to easily view current tariff rates and provides the option to participate in various energy efficiency programs offered by the electric utilities to further cost savings.

Boasting an elegant 3.5” color touch screen backlit display, the ZigBee In-Home Display features ZigBee® wireless connectivity. An extra USB expansion port is available for firmware upgrade. The ZigBee In-Home Display plugs into the power socket and can be used with the bundled rechargeable battery pack. The ZigBee In-Home Display can either be wall mounted or placed on a counter top with the included stand.

The ZigBee In-Home Display is Smart Energy 1.1 certified. 

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